Sustainable Lifestyle

So what is this all about, what is a Sustainable Lifestyle?
Commonly associated with environmental topics. If we look at what it takes to be sustainable or focus on sustainability - "the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level" over a period of time. Our Eco-Stance outlines our environmental take on the clothing manufacturing process however here we want to highlight the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and more importantly, raise the question, is the way we are experiencing and leading our individual and collective lives sustainable?
Please note, like anything in life there are hundreds of options, take or leave these thoughts, but I hope you find value here.
So what exactly does a sustainable lifestyle intel?
The one thing that we all share in common across the globe is Life in general, of course, our experiences, and our environment will vary, however, we are only here once so surely we should live and experience this wonderful adventure in the most sustainable manner possible? We exhaust ourselves and each other for the ongoing search for freedom and happiness often guided by false illusions. 
A sustainable lifestyle consists of an amalgamation and balancing act between - Physical, Mental, and Spiritual wellbeing.
There is more than enough information available to us all regarding physical wellbeing, it all comes down to how you treat your body and your biomechanics from the amount of rest you get, the food we consume to our energy output, these are all lifestyle choices that we have full control over.
Mental (Emotional)
This is where we need to place more attention. We are seeing a positive shift in attitude when it comes to addressing our mental/emotional health but there is still a lot of progress to be made. Living in an extremely fast interconnected world with many distractions, stresses, and issues we sometimes slip into autopilot, consumed by items that don't really matter and forgetting to set aside time for our own thoughts and feelings - unconsciously neglecting them. Over time these thoughts and feelings can stack up which can result in stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, and emotions. How can we be prepared to tend for those we care for, or our work and life in general if we are not looking after ourselves? We must learn to address this, by adopting a mindful lifestyle. Often we are too busy getting consumed in the hustle and bustle of fast-paced life, which in time becomes our reality, failing to put aside the necessary time to tend for ourselves. 
Our message stresses the importance of prioritising individual and collective passion! Whilst inflow, In mid-session, we breathe, experience, and feel life. We ground ourselves and rise through this process. This can be as simple as a walk, a breathing exercise, gym session, meditation or whatever gets you going. Whatever the medium is if it works for you, it's all the same. Place yourself in an environment and state of mind where you can create distance, let go, breathe, feel, think - and be truly human. " Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life." - Buddha
There is a crossover between the mental element of living a sustainable lifestyle but there is also a difference. Being spiritual is sometimes associated with sitting in a full lotus, rocking some beads whilst repeating mantras, if this works for you, fantastic however being a spiritual individual comes down to placing the highest priority on being loving to yourself and others. A spiritual person cares about people, animals, and the planet. Rather than basing our happiness on objects, we must learn to find happiness and love in ourselves and life in general.
Sustainable Lifestyle
So let's wrap this up and try to make sense of it all, it seems intuitive to balance a healthy mind - healthy body / healthy body - healthy mind. We must take care of each element of our lifestyles, when we are in balance, we can find more happiness, peace, contentment. When we become grounded and mindful (physical and mental) we can learn to love life ourselves and each other (spiritual). This way, truly we can live a sustainable lifestyle, as it is a collaboration of all three elements. 
A Sustainable lifestyle is a lifestyle focussed on individual, collective, and environmental sustainability. 
Rise and Ride sets out to create a community of like-minded individuals who prioritise their passion in life, practice and preach a sustainable lifestyle as a form of self-love, as in the end of the day we are only here for this journey once, is it not logical to maximise our time here and live sustainably?

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