The Journey Begins

Before we start, WELCOME.
I hope Our Message resonates with you.
My friends call me J, I teach people how to kitesurf and design cool stuff.
The world has always been my playground, from Mountain Biking to Surfing, being outdoors and in Nature has always felt right.
Over the years, after countless encounters with other like-minded individuals, it has become increasingly clear that a large number of individuals partake in their sport/passion/ride as a place to go. Putting distance between themselves and their daily life, a place to go as an escape or release, a true expression of freedom.
After coaching kitesurfing to a large demographic around the world I have seen how bringing individuals into this world and introducing them to a sport like kitesurfing can have such a large positive effect on their lives. I am proud to say I love what I do and love sharing my passion with others and seeing what it can bring them.
An Eight month teaching season in West Australia laid the foundation for my own Kitesurf school, the Rise and Ride Kiteschool, where students would Rise in the morning and all they could think about is Riding. On a deeper level - how your Ride could help you Rise above life's struggles, or that's certainly the case for myself and many I have spoken with.
Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of life plans to open up the Kiteschool went on hold, however, the brand name Rise and Ride is going strong. Hoping to spread the message and build a community of mindful individuals who prioritise their passion and use their Ride as a way to Rise above modern life's hurdles. Like a wave, you can fight it or ride it, and through this process, we rise.
Who knows everything happens for a reason at the right time, maybe the Rise and Ride Kiteschool will manifest itself in the future, but for now whilst teaching for Poseidon Kiteschool I want to spread this message and watch this baby grow.
For now, The Rise and Ride Basics Range is here, placing a large emphasis on producing our garments in the most sustainable manner ( check out our Eco - Stance ), daily social updates can be expected with semi-regular blog posts diving into topics related to the Rise and Ride lifestyle, sustainable - eco-related topics, and general lifestyle based posts. So welcome to Rise and Ride.
Join the Tribe and get involved
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Much Love

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