The Longest Wave - Change & Adversity

2016 Marked the Release of the 11th Album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers "The Getaway" Many criticized the album for not being true to the nature of the band, a very different approach, and direction. How and why can we expect it / want it to be the same as their previous albums when the dynamic of the band itself had morphed and changed over the years? We just want what we want, Red Hot Chili Peppers! Unable to welcome or embrace anything new, despite the album itself being incredible. 

The album focuses on various elements of life and what it means to be human. One of the singles titled " The Longest Wave " resonates the most with our message and philosophy. The song describing life as the longest wave, constantly morphing, flowing, sometimes surging yet at times finding quiet static spells.

Given the current health situation we find ourselves in, people are being forced to spend more time at home. This gives us, a unique opportunity to connect with ourselves at a deeper level if we choose to do so. For some self-isolation for others, more time spent with the people closest to them.

The adversity associated with the current situation and the media's method of relaying and broadcasting this information in itself is enough to trigger a certain wave of emotions. To add to that spending more time indoors in itself can automatically induce a degree of anxiety & negative thoughts. 

So, how have we jumped from The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Longest Wave to anxiety triggering isolation? Simple, it is just part of our current line that we are riding. On a cultural and societal level, we are going to have to change, but with change comes opportunity. 

There will be a period where we do not have access to the norms of our daily life, sometimes the situation may present a series of events that may be inconvenient. However, does this not show us how comfortable and domesticated we have become? Rather than embracing and dealing with change, we choose the easier more comfortable path, why? Because we can. The larger question here is, should we? 

As we enter bumpy water, we are limited with our options, we are forced to embrace this change. Yes, at times it will not be easy, however, it will push many of us mentally and physically in a direction that has not been experienced before. To this we say bring it on, connect with your inner self, embrace a new way of thinking, like any situation in life, we cannot change the situation in itself but we can change our individual and collective perspective. If we can not get out, take this opportunity to educate yourself, learn something new, meditate, stretch, breathe, try cold water exposure . . . the list goes on.

Regardless of what you choose to do throughout this period, be sure to address your mental and emotional health and wellbeing. If you cannot push yourself like you normally would, embrace change and find a new way of doing so, whilst encouraging, influencing and empowering others around you to join you.  

Like a wave, you can fight it or ride it, and through this process, we rise - Our Motto

In this case, the wave being this international pandemic we face, let's embrace it ride it out and rest assured, despite the adversity through the process, we will come out stronger. 

Like always, these are just words, take it or leave it, but we hope you find value here 🙏

Rise and Ride

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