Tribe Ambassador Program

Exciting times ahead. In an effort to spread our message whilst hooking individuals up with some super sweet sustainable Rise and Ride swag, we have launched an incentive-based ambassador program.  
The program requires an initial discounted purchase however once in, your in! We reward our Tribe Ambassadors on a credit-based system with free clothing for referrals.
Though we would love to get everyone set up with our sweet clothing, we cannot simply hand out freebies as our items are both premium and sustainable products which do come at a cost. We value the brand's environmental footprint and impact too much to contribute further to the destruction of our natural world. 
We could join the bandwagon, mass-produce and print on some low-quality, plastic-based garments (that fill our oceans and water systems with micro-plastics) and hand out a bunch of freebies due to low production cost, but we have all had enough of that, we need to be striving towards a sustainable future. 
So if you embrace our message and are onboard with the brand, drop us an email at and let's get you going.
For more information about our environmentally friendly production method take a moment to check out our eco-stance 
To see our Tribe head over to our Instagram highlights reel @riseandridetribe
Have a great day.

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